Laboratory Safety Rules

The following rules are designed to keep you and your classmates safe and to have a successful lab experience. The importance of these rules can not be overstated. These rules must be adhered to and will be strictly enforced.


         Know how to use the safety equipment and where it is located in the lab.

         Use common sense - think about where you place things - especially glassware and hot objects

         Never leave hot plates or hot objects unattended.

         Never point a pipette or tube at anyone.

         Immediately report glass breakage, spills, accidents or injuries.

         Follow the written lab procedure. Improper combinations or amounts of chemicals can be very dangerous. If you want to be creative wait until you are a research chemist. Ask if you are unsure of the correct procedure.

         To avoid mistakes, read instructions and labels carefully (many chemical formulas are similar to each other).

         Goggles (safety glasses for labs without chemicals) must be worn at all times in the lab. Aprons are recommended for most labs and required for some.

         Keep long hair and clothing tied back or tucked in to avoid flames and knocking over glassware.

         Open sandals are not to be worn in the lab. Liquid chemical spills flow downward.

         No eating, drinking or chewing of anything in the lab - it is too easy to transfer chemicals from the hands to the mouth by doing these things.

         Do not use seats or stools during labs - students need to be mobile to avoid spills. Do not place yourself under the edge of the lab bench where chemicals may spill.

         Dispose of chemicals as instructed.  Do not put any solids in the sink unless told to do so.

         To avoid contamination, never return chemicals to their storage containers.

         Keep work area neat put away all equipment after labs.  Wipe and dry work area after when lab is complete.

         Wash hands before leaving the lab.