Readings         FHSST Pages 125-147  
Kinetic Energy Gas Laws
Gas Laws Dalton's and Graham's Laws 
Combined and Ideal Gas Laws    
Dalton's and Graham's Laws
Practice Test
Team Challenge
Sweet 16

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I can:

__    Define pressure using a mathematical equation.  

__    Perform  calculations involving pressure, force, and area.

__    Describe how pressure is measured using a barometer.

__    Convert pressure between the units of atmospheres, Pascals, and millimeters of Mercury.

__    Perform calculations involving Dalton’s Law of partial pressures.

__    Perform calculations involving Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, and Gay-Lassac’s Law.

__    Solve combined gas law problems.

__    State the conditions of STP.

__    Give Avogadro’s Law by stating volume of one mole of gas at STP.

__   Perform calculations for gases at STP involving volume, moles, mass, and atoms/molecules.

__   Perform calculations using the Ideal Gas Law.

__   Perform stoichiometric calculations involving volume of gases at STP.