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Intro and Molarity


Properties of Solutions

Calculating Molarity 


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I can:

___ Define solute and solvent and determine the solute and solvent for a given solution

 ___ Define a solution and give examples.

___ Define molarity using a mathematical equation and give the appropriate units.

___ Perform calculations involving molarity/solution concentration.

___ Perform calculations involving solution dilution.

___ Define dissociation and describe the interactions between water and ionic compounds that lead to dissociation.

___ Write dissociation equations for ionic compounds and represent dissociation equations using a diagram showing ions and water molecules.

___ Calculate the concentration of ions in a solution from the concentration of the ionic compound.

___ Compare unsaturated and saturated solutions.

___ Determine if a compound is soluble or insoluble in water using a solubility table.

___ Define precipitate in terms of solubility.

___ Write the formula equations, complete ionic equation, and net ionic equation for a precipitation

reaction, giving the appropriate state for each substance.

___ Describe the effect of temperature on solubility.

___ Perform stoichiometric calculations involving molarity of solutions.