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   Equilibrium   Expressing Equilibrium Constants
    Le Chatelier's Principle       Eqilibrium   
      Le Chatelier's Principle  

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Outcomes: Equilibrium

I can:
(1) Define entropy and enthalpy and detemiine the enthalpy drive and entropy drive of a chemical reaction in order to predict if a reaction will favour the products, reactants, or establish equilibrium.

(2) State Le Chatelier’s principle.

(3) Predict the shift on an equilibrium from changing concentration, temperature, and pressure/volume.

(4) Write a Keq expression for an equilibrium.

(5) Calculate Keq for reaction from the concentration of each chemical at equilibrium. From the value of Keq, state whether an equilibrium favours the reactants or products. Calculate the concentration of a chemical in an equilibrium from Keq and the concentration of other chemicals at equilibrium.